We are delighted if you are thinking of getting married at All Saints’.

We are sure that the marriage service will be very special for you, and a real highlight of your day.

You will find all the information you need about church weddings, the legal requirements, and planning your ceremony on the Your Church Wedding website.

As an alternative to marriage in church, if you wish we can give you a service of Blessing for a civil marriage.

Can we get married at All Saints’?

Yes you can

  • if one or both of you will be living in the parish on your wedding day, or
  • if you come regularly (at least once a month) to Sunday services at All Saints' for at least six months before your wedding, or
  • if you have at least one out of seven types of connection with the parish – see this link.

There is a map showing the parish boundary of All Saints' Springfield on the website A Church Near You.


Once you have decided that you would like to be married at All Saints’, you can make an initial enquiry by sending an email to Rev Sally. Please remember to include your postcode(s).

When we meet with you we will need to complete a ‘Welcome and Congratulations Form’ which you can download here. It would help if you could fill in as much as possible in advance, and either email it or bring it with you.

Preparing for your marriage

We will normally ask you to come to one of our Marriage Preparation Days, which are held on a Saturday in the Church Centre. Then about two months before your wedding the priest who is going to marry you will arrange to meet with you and agree the details of your wedding ceremony with you.


Just like civil weddings, there are fees for a church wedding which are a mixture of fixed legal fees and extra fees for options such as having an organist or bell ringing – please see the Wedding Fees Form 2023.

When your wedding plans have been finalised and agreed, you will need to send us a completed Wedding Fees Form and the appropriate payment.