It is always distressing to lose someone close to you. The ministers at All Saints’ can help and support you through what is bound to be a difficult time. If you would like our support please telephone Rev Sally (07850 361101) or in her absence one of the other ministers – their contact details are on the Meet the Team page.

The first step in arranging a funeral is normally for the next of kin to contact a funeral director. The funeral director will meet you to discuss your wishes and then, if the person who has died was living in our parish or was connected with All Saints’, they will contact us. (Let them know if you have already spoken to one of our ministers.)

Funeral, Memorial and Thanksgiving Services

The funeral can take place at All Saints’, followed immediately by a burial or cremation elsewhere, or it can take place entirely at a crematorium. If you wish you can arrange to have a private funeral at a crematorium and a memorial or thanksgiving service at All Saints’ later.

There is helpful guidance on the Church of England Funerals website.

You may find that you are unable to attend the funeral of someone dear to you, perhaps because it is too far away or because you are unwell yourself. If you would like someone from All Saints’ to talk to you and offer to pray with you at the time of the funeral, again please telephone one of our ministers.