We welcome everyone who is living in the parish to be baptised at All Saints’ (to see All Saints' Springfield parish boundary please go to the website A Church Near You).

We may also offer baptism to others who have a special link with All Saints’, for example if they come to our church services regularly, provided they have consent from their own local parish priest. If you are unsure about this and would like to discuss it further, please speak to Rev Sally on 07850 361101.

Preparing for baptism

If you are interested in baptism for yourself or your children, you will be invited to one of our Baptism Preparation Evenings which are held regularly throughout the year in the Church Centre.

Baptism is a serious commitment, and all those seeking baptism will be expected to come to All Saints' regularly before and after the baptism, to learn more about the Christian faith and to get to know the church community they are going to join.

When adults are baptised they should be confirmed soon afterwards following suitable preparation.

Please follow these links for more information about baptism:


Adult Baptism

As an alternative to baptism, if you wish we can give you a service of Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child.


You can make an initial enquiry about baptism by sending an email to Rev Sally – please remember to include your postcode. After you have been to a Baptism Preparation Evening, you can arrange a time and date for the baptism.

You will need to fill in a Baptism Application Form and send it back to us by email or bring it with you to the church.

Baptism services

Baptism services are usually held on the third Sunday of each month at 12.30pm, but may also be held at other times.

In the week before the service, one of the ministers will arrange to visit you at home to discuss the final details.