Eco Church

Action is needed urgently to address the climate emergency, to restore and protect the environment, and to safeguard the future of life on earth.

Here at All Saints' we want to care for God's world and to do it better. We aim to become an Eco Church.

How we can be an Eco Church

A Rocha UK's Eco Church Award Scheme helps us care for God's world:

  • through church services and communications
  • in the way church buildings and the churchyard are managed
  • by engaging with the local community and in global campaigns
  • through our own personal lifestyles

By taking action in all these areas we are aiming for an Eco Church Bronze Award by the end of 2021.

How to get involved

10 ways that we can help

  1. Enjoy green spaces and wildlife, and take care of them in practical ways
  2. Walk or cycle to go to places near home
  3. Travel on buses and trains, and make fewer car journeys
  4. Use energy efficiently for heating, lighting and electrical items, making sure we don't waste it
  5. Switch to a green electricity/gas supplier
  6. Enjoy some vegetarian meals, and eat less meat and dairy food
  7. 3Rs: reduce how much we buy, re-use what we've finished with, and recycle what we can't re-use
  8. Try to buy things which are eco-friendly, ethically-produced and fairly-traded
  9. Support charities who care for the environment and campaign for climate action
  10. Download A Rocha's guide 'What can I do?' for more good ideas on how to care for God's world

'Make COP26 Count'

In November 2021 the UK government will chair the United Nations' COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, which will be the most important climate event for years. All the countries will be asked to make big reductions in their carbon emissions, and it's vital for the world's future that they do. All Saints' is joining with other UK churches in a 'Make COP26 Count' programme which will increase the churches' own commitment to climate action, and tell politicians that we want a cleaner, greener, fairer future at the heart of what is agreed during COP26.