Eco Church

Action is needed urgently to address the climate emergency, to restore and protect the environment, and to safeguard the future of life on earth. All Saints' is part of the Eco Church community whose churches are committed to care for God's world through their services and communications, through the way church buildings and land are managed, through engaging with the local community and in global campaigns, and through their own personal lifestyles.

Making progress

Here are some of the ways that we're trying to get better at caring for God's world at All Saints', though we know there's more that we need to do.

  • Caring for God's world is a focus for prayers, talks and songs in church services
  • 100% of the electricity All Saints' uses is green, from UK-based renewable sources
  • We've calculated the church's carbon footprint and we're aiming to improve energy efficiency
  • All the lights in the church and the church centre use LED bulbs
  • We're encouraging wildlife in the churchyard with a wildflower meadow, bird boxes and bird feeder, bug hotel, woodland path, log pile, and eco-friendly management
  • We're a Fairtrade Church, committed to supporting and promoting Fairtrade in the church and the community
  • We encourage better lifestyles through the website, the Eco Church notice board, and in articles in All Saints' monthly magazine 'in touch' - see below, Eco Church articles
  • We press for government action on climate change and environmental improvement
  • We've received an Eco Church Silver Award to recognise the progress we have made

How you can get involved

The Eco Church Top Ten

Please see the Eco Church articles below for more information on these top suggestions.

  1. Enjoy green spaces and wildlife, and take care of them in practical ways
  2. Travel greener when we walk, cycle, use buses, coaches, trains or car-share
  3. Use energy efficiently for heating and electrical items, and use LED light bulbs
  4. Enjoy some vegetarian meals, and eat less meat and dairy food
  5. 3Rs: reduce how much we buy, re-use what we've finished with, and recycle what we can't re-use
  6. Try to buy things which are Fairtrade, eco-friendly and ethically-produced
  7. Improve home insulation where possible - loft, walls, windows and doors
  8. Support charities who care for the environment, and campaign for climate action
  9. Find out how to improve our environmental footprint - go to or to 
  10. Go green with money through ethical banking and savings - see

Download this 'What can I do?' guide for more good ideas on how to care for God's world.

Eco Church articles

Every month in All Saints' magazine 'in touch' there is an interesting Eco Church feature article. You can read previous articles here: