Our Faith

What is the Christian faith all about? What’s special about being a Christian?

To help answer these questions, here is our quick guide to the faith, called What Do Christians Believe?

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What Do Christians Believe?

God our Father

God is the creator of the universe in all its wonder and beauty. Every good thing in our lives comes from him. God loves each one of us with an amazing, unconditional love. He is our Father in heaven, and we are his children. God wants us to love him, and to live together in communities of justice, peace and love for one another.

Jesus the Son of God

In Jesus, God lived a perfect human life on earth. Through his teaching about God our Father, and his total love, healing and caring for people – especially those with the greatest needs – Jesus shows us the kind of world God wants us to have, and the kind of people God wants us to be.

The Cross

Jesus’ life and teaching were a direct challenge to the authorities. He was put to death, dying on a cross. Because of his immense love for us, Jesus made this ultimate sacrifice for our sake. This restores us to a new, full, and right relationship with God, bringing us forgiveness, freedom, and peace.


Two days after his crucifixion, God raised Jesus from death to new life! Although we can no longer see him, Jesus is alive, and his Spirit is with us always. If we believe and trust in him, we can begin a new life with Jesus ourselves – a life which will never end, even after our human death.

The Holy Spirit

Christians believe in one God who can be known in three ways, as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. When we have faith in Jesus, we receive the gift of the Spirit. The Spirit is God who is with us, here and now, all the time. The Spirit guides, helps, strengthens and inspires us on every step of our journey through life.


To pray is to spend time talking and listening to God. It’s how we develop a stronger relationship with him. He already knows our needs, but we can take everything that is in our heart and mind to God, knowing that he will hear us and help us, whatever our situation.

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The Bible

The Bible is the true Word of God. He inspired the writers who recorded the long history of God’s faithfulness to humanity, their deepest experiences of God, and their understanding of his will. Through the words of the Bible, God speaks to us today and reveals his will for our lives.

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The Church

Christians come together as the Church, to worship God, to grow in faith, to care for each other, and to join in God’s work in the world. Christian communities often use church buildings for worship and mission, but the Church is the people, not the buildings!