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The Great Organ Fix

The Organ at All Saints’ is very important to the life and music of the Church, but it needs major repairs and upgrading.  So we are fundraising for ‘The Great Organ Fix’ – a full programme of works to enable our organ to inspire us for years to come.

You can read more about The Organ Problem and plans for The Great Organ Fix further down this page.

Upcoming Events

Events are being organised throughout the year to raise funds. We would love to welcome you to these:

  • Ongoing - Bucket for your unwanted foreign currency
  • 9th-10th June - Open Gardens
  • 16th June - Caprice Concert (proceeds shared with St Andrew's Community Fund)
  • 16th September - Cross Harmonies Concert

This events list will be updated periodically – please see our Facebook page or our church magazine ‘in touch for the latest details.

How you can help

Fundraising for The Great Organ Fix was launched in October 2017 with an organ recital featuring a live organ improvisation to a silent movie, and we hope to see you at some of our upcoming events.

Personal donations will play a big part in achieving our target too. If you would like to donate to The Great Organ Fix, please click HERE for our leaflet. You could also ask your employer whether they have a company match funding scheme to boost your donation, or if they are willing to sponsor any of our events.

We will also be applying for grants to support The Great Organ Fix. If you are considering making a large donation please contact Barbara Garside (01245 258343, to see if this might help with our grant funding applications. Some funders will be more prepared to give a grant if they know that individuals are supporting The Great Organ Fix in a significant way.

The Organ Problem

The organ was built in 1959 by the firm N. P. Mander, using older pipework from a previous instrument. The organ is becoming unreliable and the day is fast approaching when the instrument will simply stop working. A major upgrade is required to allow the organ to continue to play its crucial role in the worshipping life of the church.

The Great Organ Fix

The work can be carried in stages depending upon the progress of our fundraising:

Phase 1 – Replacing old wiring and upgrading the console. This is essential to preserve a working instrument.

Phase 2 – Cleaning of current pipe-work, replacing some operating parts, and installing new pipework into vacant slides to complete the organ to its original design.

Phase 3  – Installing a new unit chest organ in the chancel to create a Choir Organ.

The total estimated cost of this work will be about £55,000. If you have any questions please contact William Warns, Director of Music,