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Prayer is time we spend in the company of God. It’s the way we develop our relationship. Sometimes we talk to God; sometimes we feel God speaks to us; sometimes we just like to be alone with God, not saying anything.

God is always with us, and we can pray at any time – before an important meeting perhaps, or when we hear something in the news.

But odd moments snatched from a busy life are not enough to form a relationship. We need to set aside some quality time to be with God.

You can pray in whichever way comes naturally to you. Find somewhere quiet, free of distractions. Spend some time just feeling God’s presence with you.

Then open your heart to him; let him know the things you’re excited or concerned about; ask him to help you, and to care for people and situations that are important to you; and listen to what you feel God may be saying to you.

You may want to use prayers written by other people – some Everyday Prayers and some Special Prayers can be downloaded from this page. And here are some good web links:

If you would like someone to pray with you, All Saints’ Prayer Ministry Team are here to help – please see the Praying section of the What We Do page for more information.

Sometimes we like to say the Lord's Prayer with Actions during Church services - please click HERE if you would like to see and learn the actions.

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